Lifeguard Certification Class

Lifeguard Certification Class

1) Complete this registration and pay the fee.
2) Complete either the Adult Volunteer Application or Student Volunteer Application.

Before Certification: There will be some assigned reading to do before the weekend.

During Certification: A mix of classroom and water training.

Commitment: By getting certified through Camp Awana’s Lifeguard Instructor, you are committing to donating your time as a Certified Lifeguard at Camp Awana.

Minimum Age Requirement: Must be at least 15 years old to be certified.

Swimming Prerequisite:
300 Yard Continuous Swim
Two Minute Tread Water Legs Only
50 Yard Swim & Dive Down To Pick Up 10 Pound Brick and Return to Starting Point in One Minute 40 Seconds

Cost: $80 to help cover training and pool rental. You can pay through PayPal with a credit card, check or cash. At other places, it costs anywhere from $200-$400 to get certified. Remember, you can use your certification to get a Lifeguarding job at home.

Maximum # of Trainees: Only 10 people can be certified per weekend.