Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Forms

Spring 2020 Schedule

17-18 Guest Group
27 Guest Group

15-17 Men’s Fishing Retreat / Guest Group
22-29 Guest Group

Summer 2020 Schedule

6 Guest Group
8-12 Guest Group
13-20 Guest Group
21-27 Middle School Camp *New for 2020!
28-July 4 Family Camp

June 28 – July 4 Family Camp
5-11 Girls Camp 1
12-18 Girls Camp 2
19-25 High School (Solid Rock)
26-Aug 1 Boys Camp 1

2-8 Boys Camp 2
9-15 Open


How Do I Volunteer?

1) For anyone 18 years of age and older, click here to complete the 2020 Volunteer Application online. For students ages 13-18 (not graduated), click here to complete the 2020 Student Volunteer Application online. Please note that we are using the same software that is used for Camp Awana registration. If you have never opened an online account for your children or yourself to register for a Camp Awana program, you will need to open a new account. Once account is open, you click on your name, Make a Reservation and follow the prompts for the Volunteer Application. There are two different applications that you will choose from

2) Click here for the Camp Awana 2020 Volunteer Manual

The volunteer application is confidential and valid for all volunteer opportunities at Camp Awana from January 1-December 31, 2020. This application is for anyone 18 years old and up who would like to volunteer.

*All Volunteers (Counselors, Kitchen Staff, Maintenance, Activities, etc.)  must fill out this application in order to volunteer at Camp Awana. It is okay if you do not know dates that you are available. You can always let us know later, after you have completed the application.

*Please note that completion of this application is not a guarantee of acceptance as a volunteer for 2020, nor a guarantee of placement in your choice of program or area of service.

*All volunteers are required to:

1) Complete an online Volunteer Application and Medical Form
2) Read the Volunteer Manual at least once per year
3) Read any other materials required to prepare for service at Camp Awana.
4) Complete onsite, extension, or online training.

*In the application, please type or write NA in any field that is not applicable to you.

*Once your application is completed, we will contact you to setup a phone or video interview. After the interview, your references will be checked and abackground check will be completed.

*If approved and a volunteer is engaged in conduct deemed detrimental to the mission and representation of Camp Awana, Camp leadership reserves the right to change a volunteer’s status to not approved.

*For questions please email us at info@campawana.org or call at 262-692-2388.