Paid Summer Staff

Paid Summer Staff

What is the Summer Staff program?
The Summer Staff Program is for a limited number of graduating high school seniors through recently graduated college students (18-24 years old) who are interested in applying to be a member of the Camp Awana Summer Staff Program. Each Summer Staff will gain valuable experience, grow and be challenged in their faith and be able to supplement their income. Each applicant must be 18 years old before they serve in this position. A mentor will be assigned to each Summer Staff to train and equip the Summer Staff in their role.

The Summer Staff Program is centered around the following values, which we desire to instill and encourage:
Servant Leadership

What will a Summer Staff member be doing at Camp Awana?
Summer Staff will serve in various aspects of the camp ministry, consistent with personal capabilities and camp staffing needs.  This might include serving as a camp counselor/cabin leader, assisting in camper activities/recreation, working on the waterfront, assisting with audio/visual equipment, social media, assisting in facilities and grounds maintenance, mechanics, or administration. Please keep in mind that as needs may change, Summer Staff will need to be flexible to change in order to best serve our campers.

We will make sure that Summer Staff get the time they need to do laundry and refresh themselves while serving at Camp Awana. The goal is to give each Summer Staff a full 24 hour period off each week, but that is not always possible due to circumstances. Each member will receive at least 24 hours off every two weeks.

How much money can an Summer Staff earn?
Each Summer Staff will receive at a minimum $210/week plus room and board.  Summer Staff are required to work a minimum of 2 weeks, and maximum of 1 year. If excess money is raised,  Summer Staff can receive up to $250/week maximum. Summer Staff will receive a check every two weeks.

How do I Apply for the Summer Staff program?
All applicants who submit an online application will be considered, but not guaranteed acceptance into the Summer Staff program. A limited number of Summer Staff positions are available.
1. Complete the online Summer Staff Application.
2. Complete the online Volunteer Application.
3. Complete a 2020 Medical Form.

Applications will be reviewed and screened by the Executive Director. We expect to be able to respond to applicants within 7-10 days after completion of application.  Additional information will be provided to those individuals who are selected. If you have any questions, please contact Larry Machonga at 262-692-2388 or email:

What happens if i am accepted into the Summer Staff program?
What Camp Awana will do:
*An acceptance email will be sent to you.
 *We will provide you with training at the beginning of Summer (Dates of training are TBD).
What you need to do: *Follow instructions in the acceptance email.